Documents Sent

Documents Sent

Once participants (or training departments) are expected to fill online Registration Request Form as the first step to show their interest to join our programs. The form is reached by clicking the following button next to each course date. 

Registration Request Form

Filling out this form does NOT imply any financial commitment from participant point of view until we get an official confirmation letter.

Then we send them the following documents as email attachment:

  • Invoice (with our bank details)
  • Proposal (services to be provided). Check this link
  • Course confirmation letter (our commitment to conduct this course)
  • Course outline
  • List of hotels we cooperate with (especially those close to our training locations)

Our company apply environmental friendly policy, therefore, we do not send hard copy of invoices to our customers. We expect the soft copy of invoices are valid and can be used for all official confirmation processes (including advance payment)