As a company policy, we expect each instructor to prepare the course material himself/herself, because of the following reasons:
  • Respect for the instructor who prepared the material in the first place. We do not want someone prepare material and others re-use it. So, material will NOT be re-used. For each training session we ask instructor(s) provide material, even it's a repeated course.
  • If someone doesn't have material (or can not prepare material) himself/herself, that means the person is not eligible to deliver a course.
For each course we prepare a complete folder for the participant(s).  As course material, we expect the following:
  • Power point (PPT) presentations (a MUST). Please check our template section.
  • Optional additional suplementary material (videos, animations, etc). However, the usage of videos should be minimized unless it's essential and short videos only.
When preparing material, instructors are kindly expected to observe the following regarding course materials:
  • Please use white background.  Avoid the use of too many colours for text (e.g. yellow/green), since slides are printed in gray color (black/white). and some other colors when printed in black/white they may become invisible.
  • Sahara logo on the first page.
  • Slide footer: "SAHARA Group Training and Consultancy" text in the footer of each slide
  • Slides (powerpoint) should be carefully prepared.
    • No paragraph spilling over many lines, namely, we encourage 1 or 2 lines.
    • Each slide should have a title.
    • Use of images/drawings are encouraged rather than having heavily textual material.
  • Number of slides: On average, 15 slides per hour:
    • For example, for 4 hours training, we expect 60 slides a day, so 300 slides for a 5 day course.
  • Course material should be submitted to us at least 2 days before course start date (NOT date of delivering your part of the course. This is a special note for courses having multiple instructors)
  • Material is printed in a printing house. So we need to receive the material in advance.
  • Since we employ multiple instructors for some courses and furthermore since we have courses running in parallel, we strongly request instructors to observe the following in order to avoid any confusion. When sending course materials, we expect file names to have the following IMPORTANT information.
    • Day No (Example: Day 3)
    • Course Title (Example: Information Security)
    • Instructor Name (Example: Good Instructor)
    • Filename to be as follows:  Day 3 - Information Security - Good Instructor
  • Please send the material to our common email address: 
  • In case you UPLOAD the material to system, please send an email to above address to notify us

We would like to work with instructors who are organized and dedicated in their fields.

Also, it's important to mentioned that, we share the course material with participants (in PDF) format at the end of the courses. Instructors may give more material (such as additional files, videos, etc), but we expect them to coordinate this with our staff members.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

SAHARA Group Team