Quality Policy

A quality policy has been determined by the executive management of the company and agreed to by all employees upon thorough discussions and mutual understanding. The quality policy forms a framework for the quality objectives of the company and updated annually.

The quality policy is valid with the signature of the General Manager and is defined with an open, brief and concise language. It is crucial for the quality policy to be known and understood by all the employees of the company as well as our stake holders (to be customers, participants, solution partners).

Our Quality Policy 

  • To ensure that all the services we provide in the sectors of training, consultancy and organizations are conducted in accord with the objectives we determine annually,
  • To adhere to the standard national and international legislations appropriate to the sectors we operate in,
  • To work in adherence to the ISO 9001 standard,
  • To make a difference with our understanding of quality service and consultancy, to become a real solution partner for our clients,
  • To understand and meet, in the best manner possible, the needs and expectations of customers,
  • To regard being open to innovation and continuously striving to improve in all aspects as a fundamental philosophy without compromising quality or service awareness.
  • To keep our records up-to-date and follow developments, and to be in collaboration and in cooperation with national and international bodies, associations, scientific authorities, etc, in the sector to continuously improve the quality of the services we provide,
  • To conduct trainings for our employees in the realm of continuous development,
  • To see our employees as our partners to improve their wellbeing,
  • To participate or support campaigns carried out with an awareness for social responsibility,