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24 - CSM - Public Relations, Communication Skills & Office Management

CSM 230 - Public Relations and Protocol Management

Code Start Date Duration Venue
CSM 230 15 July 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CSM 230 19 August 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CSM 230 23 September 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CSM 230 28 October 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CSM 230 02 December 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

Protocol is one of the most modern terms in terms of language but very old in terms of history. The application of etiquette and protocol rules and principles of is a sure sign of respect and appreciation for others. This course provides an overview of how to interact and communicate effectively in different occasions and from various perspectives of cultures, customs and policies. 

Course Objectives

  • Understand the universal principles of protocol, etiquette, courtesy and manners
  • Display cultural sensitivity across international dynamics
  • Navigate and manage interpersonal dynamics in important encounters
  • Make a good impression and avoid causing offence or embarrassment in high profile situations
  • Display appropriate international business etiquette in many contexts
  • Prepare and host VIP visits and formal occasions
  • Interact respectfully with people from many cultures, nations and regions

Who Should Attend?

  • Protocol and Public Relations Managers/Officers
  • Senior Executives 
  • Officials in Diplomatic Sector
  • Those involved in international activities (Advisers at Ministerial level)

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Intoruduction to official protocol
  • The concept and boundaries of protocol
  • Hierarchies
  • Official symbols
  • How to address authorities and personalities
  • Official, diplomatic and royal, religious official protocol
  • Business, social and cultural considerations
  • Courtesy and manners

Day 2

  • Preparing and hosting VIP visits and occasions, and official visits
  • Protocol at events and summits
  • Protocol planning, liaison and logistics
  • Meeting at airports
  • Seating strategies 
  • Security issues 
  • Safety analysis
  • Medical emergency management
  • Tools to combat crisis situations

Day 3

  • Public relations process
  • The new rules of engagement
  • Social media: main platforms 
  • Managing web information 
  • Managing digital reputations
  • coping with the media environment
  • Creating a PR plan

Day 4

  • Transmitting information to the media
  • Developing a media list
  • Distributing
  • Writing effective PR releases
  • Conducting a TV and Radio interview
  • Crisis communication 
  • Lobbying techniques 

Day 5

  • Best Practice models for PR research
  • Unified Evaluation Model
  • PR research methodologies 
  • Development of financial PR programs 
  • Critical evaluation of financial PR function