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MISC 185 - MET/CAL Basic Procedure Methodology

Code Start Date Duration Venue
MISC 185 26 September 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
MISC 185 21 November 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
MISC 185 12 December 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

This course will provide introductory background on uncertainty analysis in measurement and calibration. It will cover important element in evaluating uncertainty, the sources of uncertainty in measurement, review of common statistical distributions, and step by step guide in evaluation of measurement uncertainty. In addition, it provides participants with the awareness and understanding of what a measurement and calibration system constitutes. Finally, it discusses the topic of calibration of digital multimeter (DMM).

Course Objectives

  • Introducing evaluation measurement uncertainty 
  • Discussing the basics of successful measurement
  • Developing uncertainty budget table
  • Understanding specification of multimeters and calibrators

Who Should Attend?

  • Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Managers
  • Auditors
  • Laboratory and Quality System Auditors
  • Those involved in measurement and calibration activities
  • Laboratory personnel and technicians involved in multimeter calibration and testing

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Basis of successful measurement 
  • What is uncertainty? 
  • Why is uncertainty important? 
  • Uncertainty and specification limit 

Day 2

  • Uncertainty evaluation 
  • Flow chart of estimating uncertainty budget
  • Type a and type b uncertainty component 
  • Degree of freedom 
  • Standard uncertainty 
  • Combined uncertainty 
  • Expanded uncertainty how to get k value from student t table 
  • How to get k value from student t table
  • Develop uncertainty budget table using excel spreadsheet 
  • How to express uncertainty in the calibration certificate? 

Day 3

  • Introduction to measurement and calibration 
  • What is calibration? 
  • Laboratory practical session set-up and taking measurement data 
  • Data analysis to calculate error or correction 
  • Understanding calibration certificate and what is measurement uncertainty 

Day 4

  • Introduction to metrology
  • Concepts, terms and definition in calibration of multimeters
  • Measurement consideration
  • Principle of operation of multimeters

Day 5

  • Principle of calibration
  • Understanding specification of multimeters and calibrators
  • Uncertainty calculation, hands-on and practical sessions