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46 - PAM - Press and Media

PAM 108 - TV Newpresenting

Code Start Date Duration Venue
PAM 108 12 August 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
PAM 108 16 September 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
PAM 108 21 October 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
PAM 108 25 November 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
PAM 108 30 December 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

Presenting in front of a TV camera puts huge pressure on the presenter and requires advanced skills, and good physical appearance. While presenting news millions of eyes are fixed on the same person, who could be telling a very sad story, or a very important announcement. This course will tell participants how to deliver news in the most effective and professional way, moving the hearts of millions of people with the tone of voice, impressive manner, quick thinking and management of interviews.

Course Objectives

  • Learning practical interview technique
  • Being familiar with the working environment and the setting
  • Approaching to the perfect presentation
  • Enhancing presentation skills
  • Overcoming fear of cameras

Who Should Attend?

  • TV presenters
  • Interviewers
  • Anyone enhance their skills in this field

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Studio and newsroom setting
  • The role of news presenter
  • Characteristics of news presenter
  • TV news presenting tips & techniques
  • Dealing with, earpiece, and autocues
  • Positioning the paper
  • Camera direction

Day 2

  • Reading news
  • Vocal delivery
  • Phrases
  • Breath control
  • Pauses
  • Presenting breaking news
  • Body language
  • Facial expressions

Day 3

  • Relation between news presenter and the rest of the team
  • Relation between news presenter and director
  • Writing scripts
  • Chronological order of information
  • Avoiding repetition
  • Communication through the lens

Day 4

  • Responding to emergencies
  • Responding to unexpected failure
  • Improvisation and overcoming mistakes
  • Reducing nerves and worries
  • Language fluency
  • Taking turns speaking with another person

Day 5

  • Interviews
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Choosing guests
  • Getting the right answers
  • Complications in live interviews
  • Managing the interview
  • Getting the best out of the contributors
  • Talkback