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LONG 157 - Technical Report Writing and Management Skills (16 Weeks)

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Course Description

Report writing is often viewed as a tedious and difficult task. This leads to badly written documents that fail to communicate – result, confusion, mistakes, wasted time and additional costs. This course approaches report writing in a more effective and efficient way. By using examples from actual reports and undertaking proven learning exercises, participants will understand key elements of a good report. They will learn how to produce clear, unambiguous and concise reports that will increase the value and professionalism of their reports. This course will provide participants with real opportunities to enhance their career, giving them not only confidence in their written skills but also their abilities to express themselves. They will gain the confidence to write effectively, avoiding boredom and distractions that lead to writing badly.

It also sheds light on the basic management and leadership skills to make them able to guide their teams and organization and spot out potential leader also in order to train them be leaders themselves. 

Note: "The minimum number of participants to conduct this course is 3 person"

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate the characteristics of technical and business writing.
  • Demonstrate the stages of the writing process (prewrite/draft/revise/edit) and apply them to technical and workplace writing tasks.
  • Produce documents related to technology and writing in the workplace and will have improved their ability to write clearly, concisely, and accurately.
  • Produce the basic components of letters, summaries, descriptions, process explanations, proposals, and other common forms of technical writing.
  • Write technically in plain simple English
  • Write to enhance the professionalism of the writer
  • Communicate effectively to the reader
  • Use aids for more effective writing
  • Use a variety of materials to produce appropriate visuals for documents, such as instructions, descriptions, and research reports. 
  • Structure specific technical reports
  • Compose and conduct research in electronic environments
  • Manage your business successfully
  • Think critically
  • Lead your teams smoothly 

Who Should Attend?

  • Technicians 
  • Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Anyone interested in business writing and management principles 
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