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5 - FNB - Finance and Banking

FNB 504 - Investment Banking

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Course Description

This course will cover the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of modern investment banking: its two main divisions, corporate finance and capital markets, what  they do, what services and products they provide, how they make (and lose) money, what  kind of clients they serve, how these two main divisions interact, how the issue of  conflict of interests is dealt with, what kind of jobs there are within an investment bank. The course will trace the development of the investment banking industry over the recent  thirty years, discussing its link to two main players in modern finance: hedge fund  industry and private equity industry. It also covers the current discussions on the major regulatory changes relating to this industry following the global financial crisis

Course Objectives

  • To have a broad understanding of the investment banking industry and its interdependence with other parts of the financial world 
  • To understand the key services and products provided by corporate finance and capital market divisions of an investment bank and what these services and products mean to end-users
  • To develop independent thinking, by analyzing news items from an investment banker’s standpoint
  • To broaden and deepen understanding of finance by utilizing tools and methods learned from other courses and applying them on the investment banking industry
  • To develop effective communication in oral and written English through group presentations as well as short solo speeches
  • To discuss the ethical and professional responsibility of an investment banker
  • To learn teamwork skills and become more effective team members and leaders