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33 - INS - Insurance

INS 102-B - Insurance Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

Code Start Date Duration Venue
INS 102-B 05 August 2024 3 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
INS 102-B 09 September 2024 3 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
INS 102-B 14 October 2024 3 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
INS 102-B 18 November 2024 3 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
INS 102-B 23 December 2024 3 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

 This course provides an understanding of conceptional framework of insurance regulation. It provides awareness of international regulations. It gives deep information about specific regulations such as SoX, COS0, EU s 8th Directive. It tastes knowledge about coroprate governance developments locally as well as internationally. This course protects directors from potential liability and protect company from reputational harm. 

Course Objectives

  • Understanding insurance regulation within the context of risk 
  • Deep knowledge about international corporate governance framework 
  • Understanding SoX 
  • Recognising COSO 
  • Protecting company from potantial repuatational risk 
  • Understanding  compliance issues locally
  • Understanding  statutory provision contained in various legislation applicable in the country 

Who Should Attend?

  • Insurance Professionals
  • Internal Auditors 
  • Risk Managers 
  • Internal Control Officers 
  • Compliance Officers 
  • Financial & Accounting Professionals
  • Goverment employers 
  • Board Members 

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Understanding GRC integrated approaches and their key enablers 
  • Understanding principles and benefits associated to governance risk and compliance 
  • Understanding major trends in global regulatory landscape 
  • SoX
  • COSO 
  • EU 8 th Directive 
  • Recognising  Multiple Guidance Systems for the Governance
  • Analyzing key regulations that impact insurance companies 
  • Key characteristics of the more recently holistic regulatory changes and new legislation

Day 2

  • Principles of Enterprise Risk Management 
  • Defining Risk Within the Framework of GRC
  • Managing Risks by improving operational desicion making 
  • Changing Risk Appetite
  • Managing Risks by strategic planning 
  • Managing Risks with Three Lines of Defense 
  • Vendor Risk Management 
  • Measuring Effectiveness of a Risk-focused Third-party Risk Management Program

Day 3

  • Implementing Enterprise GRC 
  • Understanding Enterprise GRC Challenges
  • Frameworks , Models and Maps 
  • Defining Implementation Strategies 
  • Understanding Attributes and Dimension of the Compliance Function for Insurers
  • Recognising Implementation Tools 
  • Structuring Compliance within Internal Control System 
  • Analyzing Organisation Model Options 
  • Designing Chief Compliance Officer’s Responsibility 
  • Key Drivers of Successful Implementations