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41 - IT-P Information Technology - Programming

IT-P 125 - Open-Source Software Development

Code Start Date Duration Venue
IT-P 125 05 August 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
IT-P 125 09 September 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
IT-P 125 14 October 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
IT-P 125 18 November 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
IT-P 125 23 December 2024 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

This course immerses participants directly into an agile free and open source software (FOSS) development process. It focuses on the methodologies and goals that drive the development of FOSS, combining principles with real-world skill building, such as debugging, refactoring, and writing. It explains the software development process through an integration of FOSS principles, agile techniques, modern collaboration tools, community involvement, and teamwork. 

Course Objectives

  • Understand what an open source project is 
  • Know how to use common open source tools 
  • Be able to find and contribute to open source projects 
  • Create and lead an open source project

Who Should Attend?

  • IT specialists 
  • Software developers 
  • Anyone who is interested in the course and has a background is software development 

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Open Source Software (OSS)
  • OSS at IBM
  • Why Use Open Source Software?
  • Examples of Successful OSS Projects
  • Contributing to Open Source Projects

Day 2

  • The Open Source Feature Life-Cycle
  • Architecture and Design 
  • Source Code Submission
  • Developing an OSS Strategy

Day 3

  • Open Source Toolbox
  • Starting an Open Source Project 
  • Hosting your project 
  • Project setup 
  • Licensing 
  • Open source community 
  • Governance and leadership

Day 4

  • The ToDo Group
  • The OpenChain Project
  • How to Work in OSS Projects
  • Continuous Integration
  • OSS Licensing and Legal Issues
  • Compliance Projects: Fossology, SPDX, CHAOSS

Day 5

  • Leadership vs Control and Why Projects Fail
  • Respecting and Encouraging Diversity in OSS
  • GitHub and Other Hosting Providers
  • Advanced Git Interfaces: Gerrit
  • Continuous Testing and Integration