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32 - AAU - Accounting and Financial Auditing

AAU 115 - Workshop on Financial Modeling in Excel

Code Start Date Duration Venue
AAU 115 12 September 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
AAU 115 10 October 2022 5 Days Muscat Registration Form Link
AAU 115 07 November 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
AAU 115 05 December 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

The ability to create, understand the financial models is one of the most valued skills in the field of business and finance. Whether beginners in their career, an experienced finance officer, or students who soon start career, having this skill will provide participants competitive advantage in what they want to do.

This course will first recall the accounting, finance, and spreadsheets concepts and then teach participants how to combine all these three to build a professional financial model. By the end of this course, they will have created a professional, working, dynamic spreadsheet financial model that they can use to make projection for industrial/manufacturing firms.

Course Objectives

  • Recalling a basic understanding of accounting, finance and spread sheets,
  • Being able to professionally use of spread sheet for designing a professional financial model,
  • Gaining the self-confidence for the working with financial models.

Who Should Attend?

  • Bankers,
  • Finance managers and officers
  • Auditors of financial models,
  • Financial consultants,
  • Anyone who wants to learn the corporate accounting and corporate finance.

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Excel and preparation for financial modelling    
  • Key principles in modeling
  • Customizing your own toolbar and creating template for financial modeling
  • Financial FUNCTIONS
  • Recalling accounting principles
  • Low income statement, balance sheet and cash flow connects with each other
  • Historical accounts versus projected accounts

Day 2

  • Excel and preparation for financial modelling
  • How to build an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow from scratch
  • Employing two different ways to balance the balance sheet
  • Reconciliations
  • How to link income statement with balance sheet
  • Structuring our model, designing the required sheets

Day 3

  • Reviewing the key principles of forecasting
  • Income statement forecasting
  • Balance sheet forecasting

Day 4

  • Cash sweeps
  • Recording Macros
  • On screen toolbars

Day 5

  • Working with excel forms and time value of money
  • Different controls to use
  • Scenario analysis
  • Data validation and model auditing
  • Conditional formatting
  • Time value of money and Free cashflow