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8 - OGE-R - Oil & Gas - Reservoir Engineering

OG-R 165 - Seismic Interpretation with PETREL

Code Start Date Duration Venue
OG-R 165 13 February 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
OG-R 165 10 April 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
OG-R 165 05 June 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
OG-R 165 31 July 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
OG-R 165 25 September 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
OG-R 165 20 November 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
OG-R 165 18 December 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

The main objective of this course is to provide an opportunity to develop hands-on experience of various Seismic Interpretation techniques using the PETREL software package. The course will cover the essential Geological and Geophysical information necessary to visualize and interpret seismic data. The participants will gain a solid understanding of the applications and role of the seismic interpreter in studies.

A significant percentage of the course is dedicated to reinforcement and advancement of interpretation techniques using practical exercises – both on the PETREL software and by hand. This will guide the participants in the understanding that the integration of all available data into the seismic model will add value in the needed coherent and successful seismic predictions that result from an interpretation.

Course Objectives

  • Gaining seismic Visual perception, understanding and impact on interpretation
  • Understanding geological concepts, sedimentary models and structural styles
  • Introducing the PETREL software - seismic interpretation module
  • Gaining depth conversion and Different Seismic Velocities models
  • Understanding attributes analysis on Sandstone and carbonate reservoir

Who Should Attend?

  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Production Engineers
  • Petrophysical Engineers
  • Seismic Interpreters

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Introduction to Seismic 
  • Geological Basics
  • Contour mapping exercise
  • Geophysical Basics
  • Central frequency and tuning exercise
  • Interpretation Basics
  • Introduction to Petrel software and seismic wedge model exercise.

Day 2

  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Reflection theory and how to choose right one
  • Reflection Coefficients
  • Wavelets
  • Special seismic and attribute data
  • Basics of Seismic processing
  • Interpretation and modeling
  • Vertical and Horizontal resolution,
  • Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Seismic stratigraphy

Day 3

  • Advanced seismic interpretation techniques
  • Seismic scale features
  • Depth Conversion and Velocity modeling
  • Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Seismic stratigraphy, and facies
  • Depth Conversion
  • Velocity modeling exercise

Day 4

  • Attributes and other techniques
  • Post-stack amplitude analysis
  • Seismic attributes
  • Surface attributes
  • Other techniques
  • AVO Theory
  • AVO Forward Modeling
  • Practical applications of AVO analysis: fluid factor, intercept and gradient etc.
  • AVO Attributes
  • Impedance inversion
  • 4D and 4C

Day 5

  • Seismic Inversion Theory and Methods
  • Post-stack simultaneous inversion
  • Stochastic Inversion
  • Well to seismic ties and wavelets
  • Seismic Well Tie
  • Amplitude versus Angle/Offset (AVA/AVO) 
  • AVO slope/intercept exercise
  • Multi-Attributes – 3D Facies classification Exercise – Fractured Reservoirs
  • Practical applications of seismic inversion - including lithology discrimination and rock physics inversion.
  • Exercise - Pre-stack seismic inversion